Buying Cannabis Licenses


Modern Flower has a national reach full of business specific opportunities within cannabis. Our services span across the entire country, but presently have real estate, client capital needs, and acquisition deals in Arizona, Pennsylvania, California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Florida, Ohio, and Arkansas.

Selling Cannabis Licenses


With an in-depth industry knowledge of the Marijuana space expanding more than 50 years combined, Modern Flower has assisted in the acquisition or the changing of hands of over 40 marijuana state licenses to date.

Cannabis Dispensary Products

Cannabis Application Services

Our firm uses FDA grant writers to aid in Marijuana Application Services. Several state governmental licensing agencies have increased their level of sophistication and knowledge of cannabis business operations. The story and narrative that is submitted to them in a Business Plan application is at the heart of our writing capabilities. The first piece of the process is building the right team to give regulators comfort in selecting your company as a potential license holder. Our Marijuana Application Services start with state-by-state data analytics of the specific market to help you understand the return on investment and costs around the entire application process.

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